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***Next Session Begins November 7th***


beginning/gentle kripalu yoga

Wednesdays, 7:30- 8:45 pm

kripalu means compassion! kripalu yoga is named for swami kripalu. it is a meditative practice that emphasizes embodying the qualities of compassion and acceptance, practicing nonjudgmental self-inquiry and self-acceptance, as well as taking your yoga practice off your mat and into your everyday life. 

students are encouraged to practice at their own pace, listening to and honor their body's innate wisdom and following the flow of prana(life force energy) in the body.

This class is great for those with little or no yoga experience seeking, those dealing with injury or illness as well as experienced students seeking a deeper inner experience. The practice of yoga can increase flexibility and strength and reduce stress, while developing self-knowledge, clarity of mind and a sense of well-being. Beginner Yoga is appropriate for people of most levels of physical ability, flexibility and body type. Students will be introduced to basic postures, gentle stretches, conscious breathing and deep relaxation techniques. Please bring a yoga mat and a small pillow or cushion.

Fall/Winter Sessions

Session II   ~  Nov. 7 - Dec. 12 (No Class 11/21) ~ 5 weeks

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introduction to meditation

wednesdays, 6:15 pm - 7:15 pm

Practicing meditation has been shown to have many physical, mental and emotional benefits. These include lowering blood pressure, improving breathing and heart rate as well as boosting energy and immunity. Meditation can help increase mental focus, self-awareness & selfacceptance, reduce physical and mental stress and promote happiness and overall well-being. This introductory class is great way to learn about meditation and maybe start your own daily meditation practice. We’ll work with teachings from the Yoga and Buddhist traditions and simple practices including mindfulness, compassion, body sensing meditation and walking meditation. This is a simple practice that can be done by anyone either sitting on the floor or in a chair. No experience necessary. Please wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a small cushion or pillow to sit on. Chairs will be provided as well.

Session II   ~  Nov. 7 - Dec. 12 (No Class 11/21) ~ 5 weeks

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