Welcome to my Guided Meditation Page. Below you'll find a number of meditations that you can do on your own. Most are about 20 minutes long. A few are shorter than that if you don't have a lot of time. Check back often - I'll be adding more meditations soon.

You can do these meditations sitting in a chair or on the floor or laying down if you prefer.

Metta Meditation

Metta means lovingkindess or unconditional friendliness and it's a powerful meditation technique for opening the heart and cultivating a felt sense of compassion and love. Enjoy!

Calm Abiding - Shamatha Meditation

Shamatha is a meditation in the Buddhist Tradition. It means calm abiding and the essence of this practice is to calmly observe the workings of your mind without reacting. We add the practice of labelling and letting go to to increase insight into the patterns of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, habits and condtioning. Each time your mind is distracted, notice where you've gone, and come up with a simple one-word label for what has distracted you, before gently releasing the distraction and bring your attention back to feeling your breath.



5-Minute Breath Break

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10-minute desk yoga

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Morning Meditation

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Evening Meditation

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