marie marchand, RYT-500

marie marchand, RYT-500

about marie

I came to yoga 20 years ago through spiritual seeking and as a support for my meditation practice. When I discovered Kripalu yoga I felt a real sense of homecoming in this meditative practice that was so welcoming and a philosophy that was steeped in love, as well as with the authenticity of the teachers and the lineage of Swami Kripalu - I had found my path.

I earned my 500hr certification from the renowned Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, MA and I’m grateful to have had the good fortune to study with the likes of Stephen Cope, Richard Miller, Sally Kempton, Sean Corn, Barbara Benagh and Cyndi Lee. I’ve been teaching yoga and meditation in Greater Lowell area since 2003 and offer I retreats around New England, New Mexico and Italy. I’ve also had the great adventure of being the owner/director of Sangha Yoga Collective from 2011-2015.

I’ve always been deeply inspired by the rhythms and wisdom of the natural world, music, poetry and Tibetan Buddhism. I weave all of these into my teaching. In my classes I strive to create a welcoming environment for students and to guide them inward to connect with their own deep inner experience  ~ to help each student find their own authentic path to well-being and vitality through the philosophies and practices of yoga and meditation.

about yoga

Yoga is a 4000+ year old tradition that share's it roots with buddhism. It is a living tradition, growing and evolving over centuries and continents to bring us the modern practices we have today. Yoga is a sanskrit word that means union or connection. In yoga we use conscious breathing to quiet the mind and cultivate connection between body, mind and spirit. We use movement and postures(asanas), along with breathwork (pranayama) and meditation to bring stillness to the mind, freedom in the body, as well as to deepen self-awareness and increase life force (prana).

Kripalu Yoga

Kripalu means compassion! Kripalu yoga is named for its founder Swami Kripalu. It is a meditative practice that emphasizes embodying the quality of compassion and practicing non-judgemental self-inquiry and self-acceptance, as well as taking your practice off your mat and into your everyday life. Students are encouraged to practice at their own pace, listening to and honoring their body's own innate wisdom and following the flow of prana (life force energy) in the body.

how the ancient practice of yoga can serve you today....

*brings balance to today's busy lifestyles

*relieves stress and anxiety

*quiets the mind, promoting concentration, focus and self-awareness

*increases strength, flexibility and balance in the body

*improves posture

*helps reduce depression, stress and insomnia

*detoxifies and rejuvenates the body

*helps prevent and heal some injuries

*helps increase a sense of wellness, wholeness and self-esteem

new to yoga? 

*begin gently, listen to and honor the wisdom of your own body.
*yoga happens from the inside out - do your best to pay attention to how you're feeling
on the inside as opposed to how you look on the outside.
*drink plenty of water.
*avoiding eating meals 2 hours before class. a small snack is ok.
*wear loose comfortable clothing and dress in layers, as your body temperature will
change throughout class.
*let me know of any injuries or changes in your health, especially pregnancy.
*most importantly, yoga is a PRACTICE.   be compassionate and patient with yourself,
relax and have fun.